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smoking nyquil blunt

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smoking nyquil blunt

Smoking 27.01.2009 · Best Answer: Don't get high at all. blunt is a big fat joint rolled in flavored cigar wrapper (blunt wrap) a bong is a glass or plastic water pipe
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lol you retarded nyquil doesnt do shit. thats not the "cough syrup" all your favorite rappers talk about.


Traumhafte Smokings:
It really work, I was feeling well rested the morning after, with 8 hours of sleep, im talking good sleep, short and to the point, the taste is not that
ok fuck pepto bismal, i found a brand new not even opened fresh bottle of vicks nyquil, the dark liquid kind one. ive never done dxm before, and i did
What would drinking an entire bottle of nyquil in one go do to a person? What about two bottles? It would make you incredibly, incredibly sick - instead of giving you
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smoking nyquil blunt

How to Quit Smoking Pot - How to Stop.

What would drinking an entire bottle of.
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Traumhafte Smokings: What is a blunt and what is a bong? ?.
  • How To Roll A Blunt (With Cough Syrup).

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