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flexeril get high

Can you get high off Flexeril? - Yahoo!.
Flexeril High Blood Pressure

Does Flexeril make you "high"? - Yahoo!.

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11.10.2009  Best Answer: And why the hell would you want to get high off Flexeril? No. As far as I know flexeril is a muscle relaxer. (I will send you the link to

flexeril get high

Flexeril Can Flexeril Get You High

Flexeril 10 mg Generic No Prescriptionl.

01.11.2006  Best Answer: not really but if you take to much it will stop your heart.. No, it just relaxes your muscles to help with the healing process
Flexeril high: good morning all:) I have a question I know that you can help me with. My doctor started me on Flexeril 10mg 4x a day, it has really helped
Get High Off Flexeril

flexeril get high

Flexeril high - Online Support Groups for.
Flexeril 10mg Does Flexeril make you "high"? - Yahoo!.